Sustainability and the ACI Building Code: Plans for the 2025 Edition of ACI 318

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  • This presentation provides an overview of the work currently under way to introduce principles of sustainable design into the ACI 318 Building Code, the next edition of which will be published in 2025. 
  • While the current version of the ACI 318 Building Code, ACI 318-19, generally allows for the consideration of sustainability in the development of concrete structures, it does not include specific guidance about how the relative sustainability of concrete mixtures and systems are to be measured and compared. Within the ACI 318 code committee, Subcommittee N is focused exclusively on writing a new appendix for the ACI 318-25 code that will address sustainability. 
  • This presentation summarizes the current work of Subcommittee N in implementing new practices for the sustainable design and construction of concrete structures.

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